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Lastrite Footwear, New Zealand Made.

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Lastrite Footwear has been a family owned business for over 50 years. The current Managing Director, Neville Brunker succeeded his father and has continued the family tradition and now with Phillip McGough coming into Lastrite footwear we are a three generation company. New Zealand once had 100 footwear manufactures; now there are about ten left nationwide. That makes our business rather unique.

Product innovation has a lot to do with our success along with high quality traditional craftsmanship. For example over the years we have refined pattern designs, introduced new lightweight materials to meet changing lifestyle trends and altered sizes to cater for changing foot shapes and sizes. The construction of Lastrite’s Footwear products is stitched and screwed and veldtschoen construction.

We sell to customers from Kaitaia to Invercargil within New Zealand and supply a Japanese client selling worldwide.

People don’t mind paying for quality when they know they are receiving real value for money and a personal touch. All Lastrites’ boots and shoes are 100% made in New Zealand, and all fully repairable. All upper leather is sourced from the Tasman Tannery in Wanganui, New Zealand, and we now purchase our commando soles with our own moulds from Field Rubber Auckland, New Zealand.

What our clients say...

I got the boots yesterday, and only took them off to go the bed, they are perfect thank you very much. I am really impressed. Could you please also make me a pair of gusset casuals, also in the dark brown. - Steve

Hi, i bought a pair of your Farmer Boot with internal steel toe a while back, they would be the best boots i have owned. Am keen to get another pair, hopefully with internal steel toe again. Could you give me a price for these in size 10 1/2 plus postage costs to Bulls, many thanks for your help. - David