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Thanks Neville, the "boy" is most happy with his new boots, great service. Cheers,
Sue Mead.

Hi Neville Boots arrived this morning thanks bloody awesome really impressed 1st pair of hand crafted boots I've bought will be using you again thanks and thanks to your team.

Good morning as we start another week. Thanks for the boots. I used them last week and they are great. Had to take the innersole things out, after fitting them on Tuesday last week, because they are too tight but the boots have softened up now and they spot on now. Great job and thanks. I have cross referenced your page to a few Facebook pages, Deerstalkers nz and Tramping NZ. So you never know. Cheers and till next time,

Hi Neville just to let you know the boots are very good, the fit is just right and a nice weight, they will not need much in the way of breaking in, very comfy ,you have done a good job, thank you, regards

Hi Neville. Boots arrived, thanks. Perfect fit. Awesome quality. I have paid you. Just checking that you realise that. Thanks again

Hi Neville, My boots arrived today. They are fantastic, thank you. I remember I bought a pair of your higher calf security style black work boots years ago and they fit perfectly out of the box. These are the same. A great fit as soon as I put them on. Great to have such high quality boots still made in NZ. Thanks again, Lachie. Received boots today thanks heaps, really pleased with them. Paid for them online on Tues 25th in the morning. Hope payment went through ok?
Tania Bennett

Dear Neville, The shoes are way more beautiful than the photograph. They are so well made. I am so happy. Thank you,

Dear Neville, I am very excited to get your hand made creation! I have just deposited the money into your account. I hope others in Featherston admire their beauty and order shoes from you too. Thank You,

Hi Neville, the boots arrived – thank you, they are very comfortable. A quick question, what is the best product to use to keep them looking good and to keep the leather in good condition? Kind regards,
Claire Bull

Hi Neville. I just wanted to thank you for crafting such a wonderful pair of boots. The quality is exceptional and the comfort is amazing. You are very talented to be able to create such lovely shoes. I will be ordering another pair one day! Thanks,

Neville, Great boots you are a real tradesman! After Christmas I will contact you for a pair of wear around leather sole stitched boots.

Full on panic as I didn't think i would be able to get my big hoof in the boots, with much persevering they are in!!!!! Wow WOW WOW its christmas for me. These boots are amazing!!!!!!! what choice workmanship and craft work. LOVE them. Now i just have to break them in, it will be a pleasure!
Thanks heaps Nic

Neville, thanks very much, The shoes are great the pull on one a tight but with a few wears they will come right, Excellent work, Neville don’t forget the order for the jandals,
Regards and thanks Brian Prendeville

Hi Neville, My Boots arrived today, A great pair of Boots, Craftsmanship plus, Many thanks for your mastery of the art, Seasons greetings
Stephen Allen

Hi Neville, Boots are great. Straight out of the box took them for a 20k tramp and no discomfort or rubbing until the last couple of hours. For someone with my strangely shaped feet that s absolutely amazing and testimony to how well these match the measurements I provided. Will be recommending your boots to everyone I tramp with and I know my partner will be getting some when her current boots wear out!

Hi Neville, Got my boots. Good fit. Thank you very much.Enjoy the Xmas break

Hi Neville, Just to let you know that I am supremely pleased with my new boots! They are light – but tough, look good and fit really nicely. Many thanks for your assistance! PS: just happened to catch that Gate to the World (or whatever) program last night – brilliant! I thought the boot styles looked somewhat familiar – and then discovered that they were YOUR boots! Well done!

Neville, Boots arrived yesterday. They even fit! Haha Went for a wee walk. Fit is pretty good, should soften up a bit as they wear in.What wax/oil do you recommend? I usually use 'snowseal' for my boots Thanks
Joseph Peter

Hi Neville, The boots arrived yesterday, thank you. I must say the craftsmanship is impeccable! The boots are a perfect fit, sized for my left foot. My right foot is 1cm smaller in length and feels equally as good as my left.The flex around the ankle is about the same as the new age lightweight technical mountaineering boots (like La Sportiva Trango Extreme) but with solid soles that would likely last 10 times as longer. So based on that, i reckon these boots would comfortably handle general summer mountaineering. I figure the hunter and the tussock are more aimed to handle such abuse.With the current trends and consumer captivation of lightweight as possible, although the punters not thinking about shedding the 10-15kgs they carrying in useless bodyweight, and stylish logos, flash colours, bells and whistles.... I think it's a hard sell to convince punters just how superior the craftsmanship and utility of these boots are. Hopefully anything i can say about these boots to friends and folks in the CMC will hopefully send business your way. Seeing things done properly is truly inspiring, and in a strange way i'm looking forward to breaking my feet into that pair!

Neville, Just wanted to say thanks for the Derbys you made me, I've been wearing them for a month now and I love them. I'd nearly given up on finding size 14 boots that fitted properly, but I wear these all day and they're so comfortable I have to remember to take them off when I get home. They breathe very well for an ankle length boot too. Looking forward to my new tramping boots

Hello Neville, Thank you for the boots. I'm impressed with the looks and feel on. They do take a little bit of getting used to weight wise as in comparrison to moulded sole types of today. I had forgotten what Real Footware was like. Awsome job , A++ .
Walter Carr

Hi Neville, well I've been wearing the boots now for a few days & they fit well & are very comfortable even during the wearing in phase, the slightly higher arch? makes them a lot easier to get on & off. I hope you remember the patten for these boots as I will be buying a few more pairs towards the end of the year. Many thanks for your help & assistance with this project the end result have been excellent.
Regards Glenn Crickett.

Hello Neville, Just received my boots I ordered from you (size 9/wide last/Tramper model). I'm really stoked with them but worried that I'll have to take them off before I go to bed tonight! They feel so comfortable and light - and I've only just started to wear them. Excellent workmanship, thank you so much. I will certainly be recommending your boots.
Regards, Colin Taylor, Twizel.

Hi Neville, Thanks for the boots. The 2 pair were at home when I got back from trip last Tuesday and I have worn the jodhpur boots every day at work since. Great to have a pair that fitted and were comfortable from the get go. I have swapped over to the other pair today and they are just as comfortable. With the heel raiser the fit inside is the same for both which is really cool. I have been recommending them to all my mates.

Hi Neville, got my Hunter boots today, been on me feet for 3 or so hours, they feel great can't wait to give them the out doors

Awsome neville just received boots laced them up and got there first bit of grease on them Awsome man top job, I may get a black pair in the nearer future Awsome! Made my day!!!

Hi Neville, Wow, they're too good for work! Thank you. I'm really pleased with them
Best Regards Kelly

Hi Neville, I am very happy to tell you that I have received both mine and boss boots today! You may think it took rather long time I had been away for 4 days lately and I came back on Sunday, I received them today. Thank you so much! It perfectly fit to me and just beautiful and gorgeous. I am sure it is going to be my daily tough boot! I am going to pass to my boss tomorrow. Thank you for those beautiful boot!
Best regards,Sonoko Yamamoto

Hi Neville, just want to thank you for your amazing boots ... once again quality craftsman ship

Dear Neville, Once again you have made some awesome boots, these are simply wonderful. Fit me so well, these are a perfect fit. Soft leather just so comfortable. Love the colours, they are so beautifully made. No doubt your company are very good at your craft. I look forward to peoples comments.
Thanks heaps Nik