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Ripper Spiked Forestry Boots

The Forest Ripper Spiked Boot is another heavy weight boot designed for specialist applications within the timber industry. It is the perfect boot for crosscutters, braking out and skid site applications.

This is a tough, thick leather, calf length, water repellent, boot for great ankle support with eyelets only, an external steel toe,riveted down thread line for protection from vegetation, full stitch and screw construction,

Comfort is assured with a slip-in cushion insole insert with shock absorber material and a wool top to stop sawdust going down the boot.

It is the sole construction that sets the Ripper apart with its double bend 5mm mid-sole and sole providing extra strength for the spike bases, its 46 replaceable spikes, a customised toe plate protector, its permanent formed counter stiffener for better heel support and non corrosive steel shank.

WARNING,, We no longer make the loggers with dee ring they are all eyelet as the

same as the HAULER

A surcharge of $20.00 applies for all size 13-15 boots ordered.

Toe: External Steel Toe only
Colour: Black Kip Leather
Sole: Leather Runner with replaceable spikes

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Black Kip Leather


External Steel Toe ($10.00)


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